Book One of The Dark Inbetween
by Sam Thorne and Lauren Ivey
For centuries, the people of Tennebrum have been plagued by demons that crawl from the shadows of their very homes. Yet to Kyran, these demons and the hunters that fight them are naught but Isleish fireside tales, until one night in Tennebrum, Kyran wakes to the sounds of screams and flames. Born as a mage with rare magical talent granted by his curse-wrought blood, Kyran rushes into the inferno to find the demons are more than simple stories.

Kyran does not stand alone-Barrett, a fire-wielding demon hunter haunted by guilt and regret, rides out of the black of night, sweeping Kyran into the once in a lifetime opportunity to join the tumultuous and deadly life of a Guild-sanctioned hunter. But it doesn't take long for Barrett to sense Kyran isn't telling him everything about his stay in Tennebrum, and Kyran must decide whether to stay shackled by his secrets or chase the chance of becoming a Hunter. As Kyran struggles to choose, a powerful demon from Barrett's past returns to stalk the mage, threatening to devour Kyran as it had his former partner. Barrett fights desperately to keep Kyran safe against the fate that he swore to never allow anyone to suffer again even as the noose of Kyran's secrets tighten around his neck.