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Part One of The Blood Queen

How does an innocent young girl become an all powerful evil Blood Queen?

But with greed and decadence and a desire for power there came a vacuum, a rift in the universe which gave an opening for an extreme old evil to gain form and power once again. When evil is allowed to choose its form it doesn’t come in the form of a gory beast but in the most seductive form possible.

Ashlanna, lone daughter of Grayson, known now as Ash-Axana lived in the city of Tulluth two days’ ride southeast of the large metropolis of Ebenaltair. Grayson was a craftsman of steel. He had a smith in Tulluth and was known among the city as the finest maker of swords. His wife Ashlanna’s mother Teritha was a very beautiful woman. Teritha had a green thumb and loved everything that would grow from the soil, so she kept a large garden. One day after Ashlanna’s 11th birthday her mother, Teritha was bitten by a small black snake in her garden. A week later Teritha died of the venom’s poison. Teritha’s death was the turning point in Grayson and Ashlanna’s life.

These are the following tragic accounts of Grayson and Ashlanna and how she became THE BLOOD QUEEN…

***This book is contains Game of Thrones type situations and is full of graphic violence and sexual situations.***


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